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Our Purpose

 We, the students of Lawson State Community College in order to promote student leadership, growth and development; to serve as the voice of the student body at our multi-campus institution; to coordinate beneficial student activities on both campuses which promote student leadership, boosting morale, health and wellness, cultural diversity, and community service; do hereby establish the Student Government Association.



SGA Executive Cabinet 2014-2015   


SGA President, Randall King

From the beginning I knew that I wanted to be President, but my goal was to serve the needs of the students, "You all are the voice and S.G.A. serves your needs." Being President will give me a better position to better influence students and campus development. I want to participate in even more community service events and lend a hand to all students in a reasonable manner! Be phenomenal or be forgotten and I guarantee S.G.A. is one phenomenal organization! 



SGA Vice President, Brenda Hardy

I never thought a college experience could be so meaningful & spectacular until I joined SGA and met my beautiful SGA members. Going into the organization I was interested & excited, but not quite ready to be an officer yet. Over the course of the fall/spring school year I've gained knowledge & observed people to get me prepared for this position I hold today. I love helping my community, peers, and others and I am certain that we can really make a difference. So don't be afraid of what you can't do because the impossible can be possible, so GET INVOLVED!


SGA Treasurer, Chrystal Thompson

This is my second year in SGA and my experience has been wonderful. Throughout my SGA term I have learned to be a better person. In this organization you learn that hard work and dedication are keyNever be the one who gives up, always be the one who over achieves; this will be your survival key throughout life. SGA is truly a family, so my advice to you is to join SGA; you will feel right at home!


SGA Secretary, Breonna Jordan

Hello Lawson State Community College family! My name is Breonna Jordan and I am your 2014-2015 SGA Secretary. To be your Secretary is a very rewarding experience and it is an awesome opportunity to serve you, the student body, in this capacity. At LSCC, we are adding value back into the community with our service projects and having a good time in the process. There is a saying “to whom much is given, much is required.” We have been given the opportunity to prepare ourselves for a greater tomorrow so let’s commit to giving back to the community as we prepare for our future.


SGA Chaplain, Alanna Payton

SGA has taught me the importance of being able to give back to the community. SGA has also taught me how to become a better leader every day. Lawson gives me the courage to put all of my goals into play and to help make a change. In joining this organization, I've gained a loving SGA family and more leadership potential. If you're not afraid to be dedicated and willing to work this is where you want to be. So GET ACTIVE AND INVOLVED! "Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality." --Warren Bennis


Farewell from the 2013-2014 SGA Executive Cabinet


SGA Constitution

The SGA Constitution is the governing doctrine of the organization. Please review our SGA Constitution.


SGA Advisory Committee:

Sunkeissa Cantrell, SGA Advisor or 929-2072
Lesley Harper, SGA Advisor or 929-6383       
Janine McCoy, SGA Advisor or 929-6396
Philana Suggs, SGA Advisor or 929-6449
Carl Davis, SGA Advisor