Lawson State Community College Tuition & Fees:

Lawson State offers affordable tuition for all programs of study.

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Tuition (Ground & Online Courses):

$114 per semester credit hour--ground courses

$142 per semester credit hour--online courses

Fees for Ground Courses:

$ 9 per semester hour- Facilities Renewal Fee
$ 9 per semester hour- Technology Fee
$10 per semester hour- Special Building Fee
$10 per term for Student Insurance
*eTextbook fees (in select courses).  Fees vary from $50-$200. 

Fees for Online Courses

$10 per term for Student Insurance
$50 Testing fee (for online students only) per online course taken--Covers Blackboard and ProctorU Testing Fees
eTextbook fees--(select online and ground courses)--Fees range from $50-$150. 
Specialized equipment fees--(online PE courses)--Fess range from $40-150.  Some students with Smartphones have App. options (with lesser fees).

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*Specialized Fees (for Online Courses Only): 

Students are charged a $50  online course testing fee  (per online course they take).  This fee is the same for online courses using ProctorU or Blackboard as their main testing vehicle.  All transferable courses require Proctor U testing for both the Mid-term and Final Exam, except ORI101 (which uses Blackboard).    Late fees apply if using ProctorU.  Students must schedule their Mid-term and Final with ProctorU at least 72 hours prior to testing.  If not, a  LATE fee (paid to ProctorU by the student) between $5.00 and $8.75 will be assessed.  In such cases, the student will have to pay this late fee (out of pocket) at the time of test scheduling.  The $50 online testing fee DOES not include late fees.  Fees are collected at the time of registration.

There is also a $50-$150 pre-paid online e-textbook fees in some select online courses using e-Textbooks.  e-Textbook fees vary per online course.  Students assessed an e-textbook fee will NOT be required to purchase an additional textbook. This fee covers the cost of the core textbook for the class.  Fees are collected at the time of registration.  Fee notifications are posted on student schedules.

*Specialized fees assessed for online courses are subject to change and are non-negotiable and non-refundable if a student remains registered in an online course.


Online Equipment Requirements (Fees Vary):

Students taking online courses will also encounter equipment expenses.  All online students need to purchase or must have the following:

Computer (not an iPad). Available in bookstore or other major retailers.
24/7 Internet Access (cable or Wifi, dial up systems are discouraged)
Mountable Webcam (Need for ProctorU testing).  Available in bookstore or from other major retailers).
Audio w/microphone headset. Available in bookstore or from other major retailers.
Workout watch band (for PE Classes)
*Software (in some select classes)

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Residence Hall Fees:  Room / Board / Meals

$2,380 per term - Fall / Spring Semester
$1,150 - Summer Semester
*Tuition and Fees are subject to change.   Fees are non-negotiable and non-refundable.